Bespoke furniture are unique pieces of furniture that are designed, developed and manufactured from scratch. Our skilled furniture expertswork with you to bring your ideas to life – our customers are at the forefront of the bespoke furniture design process, from the initial concept right the way through to production. If you can envisage it, we’ll help to create it. Bespoke furniture can be tailored to match the existing décor of your hotel or restaurant, through specifically chosen colors and styles.

The benefits of bespoke furniture

Piece of exception
Opting for bespoke furniture allows you to create any design idea. From the selection of materials to the choice of finishes, you will get a unique piece.
Perfect fit
Bespoke furniture can be adapted to any space unlike ordinary furniture. This type of furniture offers the possibility to create furniture totally designed and tailored to your surface.
Excellent value
Bespoke furniture is an excellent option for furniture choices in the UAE. Because of imports costs, the furniture market here is often very expensive for lesser quality. However, by using local suppliers, the value for money is very interesting.
Suitable for all needs

Bespoke furniture has the advantage of being adaptable to all types of needs. This type of product is aimed at private individuals for their interiors but also for the F&B and Hospitality industries. Each product can be designed according to the required needs.

Solution adapted to our quality requirements and to your needs

Alexander Titaua works in close collaboration with many local suppliers allowing us to offer quality bespoke-made furniture adapted to all types of needs.

Our proposal fits perfectly into the framework of our quality requirements, particularly in the choice of our various specialist suppliers such as our marble workers, our carpenters and other creators of custom-made furniture.


Here at Alexander Titaua, creating bespoke contract furniture begins with you. Whatever your furniture requirements, our expert manufacturers will work with you from concept to completion to bring your idea to life. Steps to buying bespoke furniture are:

The first step in the bespoke furniture design process is to contact the Alexander Titaua team to discuss your specific design ideas.
The second step consists of creating an initial concept adapted to your needs, which will then be adjusted until the final structure is validated.
The next step is to define the technical characteristics of the product such as the choice of materials, colors, finishes or types of fabrics.
Once the design is validated, you will receive a precise quote for the realization.
Our suppliers, chosen by us, will start the production of your piece from their local factory. Thanks to our design creation, they will follow our dimensions and your expectations in order to achieve the piece of your dreams.
Once your room has been completed, the final step is to arrange for its delivery and installation.

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