The couple Titaua Gard and Alexandre Heudes, united in their personal and professional lives, created their own interior design agency in 2021. This young French couple decided to settle in Dubai in the United Arab Emirates to promote French elegance through a modern-chic and contemporary architectural style.

Although it is said that it is never a good idea to mix personal and professional life, Alexandre and Titaua have decided otherwise. Sharing common values and a vision of their own, they decided to use this complementarity as a real professional strength.

Alexander Titaua was born out of long discussions about the development of new architectural trends around the world and their ambition to influence a geographical area in transition.

Coming from different but complementary backgrounds – Penninghen-Esag for Titaua Gard and Kedge Business School for Alexandre Heudes – the idea of a partnership quickly became obvious. The two minds sharing common perspectives, decided to put forward their qualities and know-how to embark on this ambitious adventure.

“Alexander Titaua style is reflected in contemporary interior design by clinging to creative, modern and cultural values. From the complete design of a large area to the decoration of a small space, each project is the subject of a strategic reflection on the concept, the materials or the design of the furniture.

The company relies on French know-how recognized around the world in order to provide its customers with quality service.”

Titaua Gard

Co-Founder – Creative Director

Graduate from a famous French school of Interior Design, Art graphic, Design – ESAG-Penninghen Paris -Titaua took her first steps in a prestigious Parisian office at Bismut& Bismut. Involved in various residential projects, she took part in the design of villas and townhouses in France and abroad.

Subsequently, during her experiences in various Parisian offices, she has been involved in important international residential projects such as in Paris, London and Dubai.

Inspired by different successful styles, Titaua wants to export her own touch. Attracted by modern architecture, she revisits a contemporary style through the use of noble and raw materials.

«ALEXANDER TITAUA became the way for me to bring my ideas to life and allow people to express their personalities.»

Alexandre Heudes

Co-Founder – Creative Director

Originally from Paris, Alexandre comes from a family with a deep background in the fields of architecture and real estate. From an early age, he was immersed in a creative and entrepreneurial environment, notably through his father and his grandfather who ran various real estate and architecture structures.

It is through his organization and determination that Alexandre was able to take charge of the management of the company ALEXANDER TITAUA, particularly in its development and commercial management.

Bearing a high interest in the equestrian world, he shares a simple design style enhanced by the quality of the details and materials.

«This elegance and discipline found in the equestrian world reveals an inspiring natural art represented in the architectural design.»